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Pablospin is registered as an official lottery operator within Nigeria as SPORTS LOTTERY(BETTING). When you play these games, Pablospin does not bet on live football match but only on instant club selection spinning. If you win any bets, then you get paid directly by Pablospin and not the official lottery operator. Pablospin pays you directly into your bank account within 24hours which is clearly stated on the website.

Registered and correspondence address: RC: 1291232. No9, Fatai kaffo street, Behind dominos pizza, Agungi, Lekki. Lagos.

PABLO MULTI-DYNAMICS COMPANY, trading as Pablospin, is licensed and regulated by the National Lottery Regulatory Commission for customers in Nigeria.

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Game Types

Single: Play with a single team

On winning your money will be multiplied by the odd of the team chosen.
Arsenal - X4
Barcelona - X5
Chelsea - X8
Liverpool - X7
Manchester United - X6
Double Chance: Play with two teams and win amount staked multiplied by 1.5.
Tripple: Increase your chance by choosing three teams and win amount staked x 1.2.

You will be able to withdraw your winnings anytime you want to, minimum withdraw is ₦5,000. To withdraw anytime click the withdraw button
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